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November 5– Auburn Parade –Armistice (aka “Veterans”) Day

Veterans For Peace will march…

The parade begins promptly at 11:00am. on Saturday, November 5, with staging of entries beginning at 9:30am. Listed below are instructions for the parade. These instructions are in addition to the parade rules & regulations (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/22_Parade%20Rules%20&%20Regs.pdf) (click link to open PDF).

1. Your assigned staging area isJ Street SE
A map (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/22_Parade%20Map.pdf)(click link to open PDF)is on-line for your convenience. One member of your group must check in with the Seafair Parade Marshals between 9:30–10:30am. The Parade Marshals will be located at the East Main and “I” Street intersection, #2 on the map. Many Streets will be closed. Please arrive early to avoid the traffic congestion. A list of street closures and detour routes (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/Street%20Closures%20and%20Detour%20Routes_2.pdf)(click link to open PDF)are available on-line. PLEASE NOTE – THE STAGING AREA IS RESERVED FOR PARADE STAGING ONLY. We recommend parking at the Auburn Transit Center Parking Garage at 2nd and A St. SW, at the Washington Elementary School parking lot or utilizing side streets that aren’t being used for the parade or parade staging. There is absolutely no parking in the parade staging area.

2. Your marching order was assigned based on parade protocol for Veterans Day. Officially recognized military and congressionally recognized veteran service organizations march at the beginning of the parade followed by veteran organizations, community organizations and scouting groups. Some groups may not begin marching until 12:00pm. Therefore, if you have young children, a representative can check in early, having the children report to their assigned staging area at a later time. Children may gather along Main Street at their respective staging location to watch the parade and then get into the parade lineup closer to their step-off time. A parade line-up will be available on our website (https://www.auburnwa.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=11470638&pageId=13102507&objectId.253644=13559504&contextId.253644=13102509&parentId.253644=13102510&ref=mesTP9fg96fVsgzpWYeogJ2bvgrCU1eV8%2fG6tc4QbeI%3d)(click for PDF)next week and will be continually updated, as the event approaches.

3. Portable restrooms will be located at East Main & L Street NE, East Main & K Street NE, East Main and I Street NE (at parade check-in) and East Main & F Street SE intersections. There will also be portable restrooms at the ‘Mural Parking Lot’, at the corner of Main and B Street NE. City Hall will also be open for public restroom use, from 9:30am – 2:00pm and there will be portable restrooms on South Division Street.

4. South Division Street will house a variety of Food Trucks including Cascadia Pizza Company, Village Perk & Espresso and the Senior Wellness Team (hot dogs and hamburgers). Visit our on-site media sponsors too! Vendors available from 10am-2:00pm.