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Counter Recruiting

Counter Recruiting Action Team

VFP members continue their presence in Seattle area schools with presentations showing students information on the reality of war, combat, PTSD, and the value of military training. We also highlight the ongoing national disgrace that 30-40% of service members (mostly women, but also men) who are sexually abused in the military. The presence of VFP members in schools is valued by many in the schools.

Our mission statement is:

The purpose of this effort will be to counter weight the pervasive and well funded effort of the Department of Defense to recruit soldiers from high schools into the U.S. military. Currently the U.S. spends over $4 billion and uses over 14,000 recruiters to enlist students into the military using information that is full of half truths and omissions.

Often recruiters use threats and intimidation to keep student signed up in the Delayed Entry Program from exercising their right to exit this program. Using incomplete information of the GI Bill, bonuses, inflated claims of training and phony appeals to patriotism, recruiters continue to enlist young and uninformed students into the military.

This action team will bring a VFP presence into the schools to provide information about the military, war and militarism to students who could soon be in literally a kill or be killed situation. The action team will use a program of pairing experienced volunteers with newer members, providing hand out information and training in issues related to this effort. VFP will work with other groups also involved in the schools.

For more information or to participate in this team, please contact TruthInRecruiting@vfp92.org