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June 10th: Bring Them Home Film

BRING THEM HOME is a short award-winning documentary about discarded American heroes, deported military veterans.

It will be shown at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The doors open at 5pm with the film screening, including a panel discussion and cocktail hour, beginning at 6pm.

After producing the music video for their song “Excuse My Accent,” artists Robert “Rob Young” Walker and Andrei “Drei Ros” Rosca met Hector Barajas; a deported American military veteran. Upon hearing his story, they embark on a journey to shed light on the issue.

​In the film, the two connect with experts and travel to Tijuana Mexico gathering first-hand accounts from more deported veterans at “The Bunker”, which is a meeting place for veterans who are currently exiled. This honest documentary highlights the complexity of the problem by following Hector Barajas and other veterans through their journeys and to the founding of The Deported Veterans Support House.

Learn more about the film at Bringthemhomefilm.com
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