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May 10: UW Cut Ties with Boeing

Education for the people! Cut ties with Boeing!
Please join Resist US-Led War Seattle for a rally and action targeting The University of Washington ties with weapons companies. The action starts at 5:30pm on May 10th on UW Red Square.
The call of the action is
Education for the People!
Cut Ties with Boeing!

Don’t let the Board of Regents sell you out
Members of Resist US Led War will deliver our demands to the Board of Regents at the University of Washington and gather for a rally at Red Square. This action aims to Expose Boeing’s role in the Military Industrial Complex, climate crisis and environmental pollution, and directly confront those enabling Boeing‘s influence on students and departments at University of Washington, as well as continue to build Resist’s UW Cut Ties with Boeing campaign and bring many other organizations into the anti-war struggle.
Cut Ties With Boeing