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Test Your Military I. Q.

Welcome Students!

Is Joining the Military really a good idea?
Why do we have this quiz?

Students are looking for options for their future and while the military may be tempting, we would like to spend a little time with you to discuss:

1– Your understanding of the military.
2– Issues the recruiters may not address.
3– Making informed decisions about your future.

There are 8 multiple choice questions. Some questions may have more than one correct answer.

1. When I enlist in the military, how many years do I have to serve?


2. Is the military a good place to learn a skill for a career when I get out?


3. How many women in the military are sexually assaulted?


4. What service related health issues do soldiers often experience?


5. If I signed up for Delayed Entry Program, can I back out of it?


6. On average, how many military and veteran suicides occur daily?


7. Since World War II, how many defensive wars has the U.S. fought?


8. What’s the most important question to ask a military recruiter?


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