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April 22: VFP92 Seattle Earth Day and “Climate Crisis & US Militarism” Event

April 22, 2023: @ the Seattle Center near the South side of the Fountain, 1-4 pm.

Our Mission:
Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project is part of the world-wide movement to end the climate crisis and promote climate, environmental, racial, and economic justice. Our emphasis focuses on how U.S. militarism, the single largest institutional source of greenhouse gasses on the planet, fuels the climate crisis.

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March 26: March and Rally @ Boeing!

March 26: March and Rally @ Boeing! 

Resist US-led war and climate destruction!   Cut ties with War Profiteers!     Resist Boeing’s War Production!     

Opposition to war is both an international and a local struggle. Imperialism (a system linking political/military domination and capitalist super-exploitation) is the source of war and oppression in today’s world. The United States is the number one imperialist warmaker and oppressor. The U.S. military is the number one institutional carbon polluter in the world. The war industry is the supply chain and a key beneficiary of all this horror, serving a system in deepening crisis.

Boeing, a leading war industry corporation, is both a local and a global parasite. While it sows death and destruction abroad, it produces pollution, job loss, and corruption in the U.S.. We must fight to dismantle the U.S. war machine, not just for those abroad & under the boot of US-imperialism, but also for those in our own backyard suffering from union-busting and the pollution of ecosystems like the Duwamish River.

On March 26, in continuing commemoration of the start of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq*, we will gather at the SODO site of the Boeing Corporation, meeting at S. 96th Place and E. Marginal Way near the Museum of Flight, and conduct a short march culminating in a rally at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This action aims to Expose Boeing’s role in the Military Industrial Complex, the climate crisis and environmental pollution.  This action aims to build the Resist US Led-War Movement’s ‘UW Cut Ties with Boeing’ campaign (https://linktr.ee/demiluw) and bring many other organizations into the anti-war struggle.

                                   Sunday March 26, 1pm          Assemble at South 96th Place & E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA

Initiated by:  Resist US-Led War Seattle; Veterans For Peace Greater Seattle, Chapter 92, 

 *The war U.S. led war on Iraq began in the fall of 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait. ‘Desert Shield’ became ‘Desert Storm’, with massive destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure accompanied and followed by genocidal sanctions. The U.S. is now escalating beyond the ‘Desert Shield’ phase of it’s intervention against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

https://www.instagram.com/resist.seattle/                                                                                                 https://www.vfp92.org/

Flyer pdf: Resist US-led war and climate destruction! Cut ties with War Profiteers! Resist Boeing1                                                                                    

Medea Benjamin Book Tour Seattle March 14–New Location!

The Seattle AntiWar Coalition presents MEDEA BENJAMIN co-founder of CODEPINK
Join us for a discussion and book signing by Medea Benjamin for her latest book release, War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict, cowritten with Nicolas Davies!
“This careful, informed, judicious study is an invaluable guide to understanding Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine, and most crucially, how we can act to help bring this terrible tragedy to an end.” — Noam Chomsky
University Congregational Church, 4515 16th Ave NE, Seattle. March 14th, 6:30 pm
Co-sponsored by: Veterans For Peace; University Book Store; Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility


“Peacemakers Of The Year 2022”

In December 2022, Veterans For Peace, Seattle Chapter 92, was awarded the annual Peacemakers Award for 2022 by the anti-war and environmental
organization, Earth Care Not Warfare.

Earth Care Not Warfare was started 10 years ago by Seattle activists concerned that not enough was being done to stop U.S. wars and climate
change. Forging alliances with both environmental groups and anti-war organizations, Earth Care Not Warfare, of which VFP 92 is part of, raised the
awareness and actions needed to deal with these two existential crisis and how they intersected with one another.

In presenting this award, Beth Brunton, spokesperson for Earth Care Not Warfare, said “we would like to recognize your organization as “2022”
Peacemakers of the year. You have earned this award for all your contributions, including starting the Seattle Anti-War Coalition with First Tuesday protests, consistent presence at community peace and justice marches, and especially this year for your “Waging Peace in Viet Nam conference,
exhibit, and film series. We are grateful to your commitment and service to ending war and creating peace with justice”.

Earth Care Not Warfare awards the “Peacemaker Award” annually to the organization who best demonstrates a commitment to stopping war
and protesting destruction of the environment.

News Advisory: Fourteen (14) San Diego Groups ask the Navy to Cancel The Miramar Air Show

September 12, 2022 (ongoing campaign)



Fourteen (14) San Diego Military, Environmental, Religious and Social Groups ask the Navy to Cancel The Miramar Air Show in September for Environmental Reasons…




On November 11th, Veterans For Peace will honor the original intent of Armistice Day, now called Veterans Day, with a ringing of bells at St James Cathedral, Seattle. This Armistice Day, VFP calls on theU.S. public to say no to more war and to demand justice and peace, at home and abroad. This November 11th, 10:30 AM, on the south side of St James Cathedral, 804 Ninth Ave Seattle (First Hill) Veterans for Peace will join with others at for a ceremony that will include a short statement on Armistice Day, the ringing of the bells, a moment of silence, and some readings commemorating the spirit of the day. White “Peace Poppies” will be handed out to commemorate all the victims of all wars.

St James Cathedral continues a tradition of bells commemorating Armistice Day, and Veterans for Peace continues its support honoring the original purpose of the holiday. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, the guns finally fell silent on the Western Frontof WW11, ending the slaughter that took the lives of seventeen million people. In November 1919 President Wilson signed a proclamation commemorating the end of the war which stated “…the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride for those who died in the country’s service…” and in 1926 the US Congress passed a resolution stating “it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed toperpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations…”

In 1938 Congress made November 11th a legal holiday, celebrated as Armistice Day and dedicated to the cause of world peace and honoring veterans but after World War II, the U.S. Congress decided to rebrand November 11 as Veterans Day which turned a day to perpetuate peace into a day of militaristic displays, patriotic jingoism, a one day” thanks for your service”, a free meal or store discounts. The poet Wilfred Owen, killed on November 4th 1918 wrote in a poem entitled Dulce et Decorum est a quote from the Roman poet Horace. Owen calls it the” old lie” that “It is sweet and proper to die for one’s country”. Another poet, Rudyard Kipling, wrote on the death of his son John . “If any question why we died, / Tell them, because our fathers lied,”.Too often rhetoric and patriotic symbols are used instead of genuine compensation for the extraordinary sacrifices and services of military personnel. And since 90 percent of the victims of wars are now civilians, by honoring only veterans, the public is distracted from the awful price paid by those other than veterans. Armistice Day celebrations have always honored veterans. Veterans Day celebrations should also remember that peace was something for which soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen gave their lives. “There is no way to peace; peace is the way” A.J. Muste

November 5– Auburn Parade –Armistice (aka “Veterans”) Day

Veterans For Peace will march…

The parade begins promptly at 11:00am. on Saturday, November 5, with staging of entries beginning at 9:30am. Listed below are instructions for the parade. These instructions are in addition to the parade rules & regulations (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/22_Parade%20Rules%20&%20Regs.pdf) (click link to open PDF).

1. Your assigned staging area isJ Street SE
A map (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/22_Parade%20Map.pdf)(click link to open PDF)is on-line for your convenience. One member of your group must check in with the Seafair Parade Marshals between 9:30–10:30am. The Parade Marshals will be located at the East Main and “I” Street intersection, #2 on the map. Many Streets will be closed. Please arrive early to avoid the traffic congestion. A list of street closures and detour routes (https://cdn5-hosted.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_11470554/File/City%20Hall/Parks,%20Arts,%20&%20Recreation/Special%20Events/Veterans%20Day%20Parade%20and%20Observance/Street%20Closures%20and%20Detour%20Routes_2.pdf)(click link to open PDF)are available on-line. PLEASE NOTE – THE STAGING AREA IS RESERVED FOR PARADE STAGING ONLY. We recommend parking at the Auburn Transit Center Parking Garage at 2nd and A St. SW, at the Washington Elementary School parking lot or utilizing side streets that aren’t being used for the parade or parade staging. There is absolutely no parking in the parade staging area.

2. Your marching order was assigned based on parade protocol for Veterans Day. Officially recognized military and congressionally recognized veteran service organizations march at the beginning of the parade followed by veteran organizations, community organizations and scouting groups. Some groups may not begin marching until 12:00pm. Therefore, if you have young children, a representative can check in early, having the children report to their assigned staging area at a later time. Children may gather along Main Street at their respective staging location to watch the parade and then get into the parade lineup closer to their step-off time. A parade line-up will be available on our website (https://www.auburnwa.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=11470638&pageId=13102507&objectId.253644=13559504&contextId.253644=13102509&parentId.253644=13102510&ref=mesTP9fg96fVsgzpWYeogJ2bvgrCU1eV8%2fG6tc4QbeI%3d)(click for PDF)next week and will be continually updated, as the event approaches.

3. Portable restrooms will be located at East Main & L Street NE, East Main & K Street NE, East Main and I Street NE (at parade check-in) and East Main & F Street SE intersections. There will also be portable restrooms at the ‘Mural Parking Lot’, at the corner of Main and B Street NE. City Hall will also be open for public restroom use, from 9:30am – 2:00pm and there will be portable restrooms on South Division Street.

4. South Division Street will house a variety of Food Trucks including Cascadia Pizza Company, Village Perk & Espresso and the Senior Wellness Team (hot dogs and hamburgers). Visit our on-site media sponsors too! Vendors available from 10am-2:00pm.