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March 26: March and Rally @ Boeing!

March 26: March and Rally @ Boeing! 

Resist US-led war and climate destruction!   Cut ties with War Profiteers!     Resist Boeing’s War Production!     

Opposition to war is both an international and a local struggle. Imperialism (a system linking political/military domination and capitalist super-exploitation) is the source of war and oppression in today’s world. The United States is the number one imperialist warmaker and oppressor. The U.S. military is the number one institutional carbon polluter in the world. The war industry is the supply chain and a key beneficiary of all this horror, serving a system in deepening crisis.

Boeing, a leading war industry corporation, is both a local and a global parasite. While it sows death and destruction abroad, it produces pollution, job loss, and corruption in the U.S.. We must fight to dismantle the U.S. war machine, not just for those abroad & under the boot of US-imperialism, but also for those in our own backyard suffering from union-busting and the pollution of ecosystems like the Duwamish River.

On March 26, in continuing commemoration of the start of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq*, we will gather at the SODO site of the Boeing Corporation, meeting at S. 96th Place and E. Marginal Way near the Museum of Flight, and conduct a short march culminating in a rally at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This action aims to Expose Boeing’s role in the Military Industrial Complex, the climate crisis and environmental pollution.  This action aims to build the Resist US Led-War Movement’s ‘UW Cut Ties with Boeing’ campaign (https://linktr.ee/demiluw) and bring many other organizations into the anti-war struggle.

                                   Sunday March 26, 1pm          Assemble at South 96th Place & E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA

Initiated by:  Resist US-Led War Seattle; Veterans For Peace Greater Seattle, Chapter 92, 

 *The war U.S. led war on Iraq began in the fall of 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait. ‘Desert Shield’ became ‘Desert Storm’, with massive destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure accompanied and followed by genocidal sanctions. The U.S. is now escalating beyond the ‘Desert Shield’ phase of it’s intervention against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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