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“Peacemakers Of The Year 2022”

In December 2022, Veterans For Peace, Seattle Chapter 92, was awarded the annual Peacemakers Award for 2022 by the anti-war and environmental
organization, Earth Care Not Warfare.

Earth Care Not Warfare was started 10 years ago by Seattle activists concerned that not enough was being done to stop U.S. wars and climate
change. Forging alliances with both environmental groups and anti-war organizations, Earth Care Not Warfare, of which VFP 92 is part of, raised the
awareness and actions needed to deal with these two existential crisis and how they intersected with one another.

In presenting this award, Beth Brunton, spokesperson for Earth Care Not Warfare, said “we would like to recognize your organization as “2022”
Peacemakers of the year. You have earned this award for all your contributions, including starting the Seattle Anti-War Coalition with First Tuesday protests, consistent presence at community peace and justice marches, and especially this year for your “Waging Peace in Viet Nam conference,
exhibit, and film series. We are grateful to your commitment and service to ending war and creating peace with justice”.

Earth Care Not Warfare awards the “Peacemaker Award” annually to the organization who best demonstrates a commitment to stopping war
and protesting destruction of the environment.