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Peace activists to meet the U.S. Navy fleet on Monday, August 1, in Elliott Bay

“Local activists will stage a water-based nonviolent protest against the glorification of weapons of war at the Seattle Seafair festival. Peace activists will meet the U.S. Navy fleet in Elliott Bay. Other peace activists will meet on the newly rebuilt Pier 62 on the Seattle waterfront at the same time for a nonviolent demonstration against weapons of war.
What: Peace activists at Seafair. Peace Fleet! This is the twenty-first year for this demonstration.
When: Monday, August 1, noon, Peace Fleet in Elliott Bay.
Where: In Elliott Bay, near Pier 66. Bell Harbor Marina will be open for kayaks and for mooring vessels. Demonstration on land on Pier 62.

Why would we demonstrate for peace at a Seattle maritime festival? We are here for the unrepresented and forgotten victims of these weapons of war and to call attention to the crimes of our nation. And because the celebration of warships in our harbor helps bring about the normalcy of modern war. The fleet arrival at Seafair is a public relations and recruiting event for the U.S. Navy. Previous years have brought Trident nuclear submarines complete with nuclear warheads and Navy warships used to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles in the first and second Wars on Iraq and the twenty-year War on Afghanistan. The fleet is displayed for five days in downtown Seattle at tremendous cost to taxpayers while crucial social services in education, health care, housing, and transportation are impaired for lack of funds.”