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VFP Seattle Radio Show: Unfreeze Afghanistan – Masuda Sultan & Dr. Cheryl Benard

Listen to “Unfreeze Afghanistan – Masuda Sultan & Dr. Cheryl Benard” on Spreaker.In this episode, we talk to Dr. Cheryl Benard and Masuda Sultan, two organizers from Unfreeze Afghanistan. We discuss the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Instead of unblocking access to frozen Afghan assets so that the people of Afghanistan can help themselves, the Biden Administration plans to distribute half the funds in a humanitarian relief effort. He plans to use the other half to compensate Sep 11 Families for their tragic loss.

Masuda is an Afghan American who has spent many years in Afghanistan helping to build Afghan civil society. Dr. Benard was a senior analyst and program director in the National Security Research Division of the RAND Corporation and is the author of several books about Afghanistan and post-conflict societal reconstruction.