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VFP Seattle Radio Show: Helping Afghans Now & Remembering Michael Brown Jr. and the Ferguson Uprising


In this episode, we talk to Afghan American Arash Azzizada about events in Afghanistan and what people can do to help the Afghan people. You can find Arash’s bio here. Among many things, he is an organizer with Afghans for a Better Tomorrow.

Listen to “Helping Afghans Now and Remembering Michael Brown Jr. and the Ferguson Uprising” on Spreaker.

Arash is asking people to visit the Afghans for a Better Tomorrow website to find four ways to support the people of Afghanistan. Right now, we must remain focused on pressuring the U.S. government to evacuate as many Afghans as possible and provide them with places to live in peace. The U.S. owes them that at the least.

Please donate money to your local efforts to help Afghans and Doctors Without Borders and Read to Lead? You can find links to those organizations on mtmdaily.com. Look for this episode under Red Pill Radio.

We also remember seven years ago this month, the senseless killing of an unarmed 18-year-old Michel Brown Jr., shot to death in Ferguson, MO, by police officer Darrin Wilson.

We end with a short clip from Larry Hamm, Chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, telling us we need to keep our eyes on the prize – stay focused on the task at hand. While his words were about justice for Trayvon Martin and the racism that caused his death, it is a lesson to apply in many situations as people attempt – knowingly or not, to use important issues to obscure the matter at hand.