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Veterans For Peace Hamas-Israel Statement

October 12, 2023 Veterans For Peace is an organization of former soldiers and allies who know too well the costs of war – the obvious, visible wounds; the unseen wounds that curse us and our families for generations… Read More

Veterans For Peace Statement on Roe Vs. Wade

June 30, 2022 “Veterans For Peace (VFP) was organized by military veterans and allies to bring an end to all war and the oppressive systems that enable it. VFP believes that everyone has the absolute right to control… Read More

RELEASE: Veterans Warn Against “No Fly Zone” in Ukraine

March 17, 2022 VETERANS WARN AGAINST “NO-FLY ZONE” IN UKRAINE “Veterans of several U.S. wars are urging President Biden to hold fast against growing political pressure to implement a “no-fly zone.” A No Fly Zone is an area… Read More

No More Ukraine War

From United For Peace and Justice: “The Ukraine crisis intensifies, with no clear path to resolution. An endless fog of propaganda makes understanding difficult, but a few things are clear. The governments of the United States and its… Read More

Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review

Veterans For Peace Releases Nuclear Posture Review The U.S.-based international organization Veterans For Peace has released its own assessment of the current global threat of nuclear war, ahead of the anticipated release of the Biden Administration’s Nuclear Posture… Read More

VFP Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

“August 17, 2021 Veterans For Peace has previously condemned the U.S. “forever wars” against “terror” and called for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places in the world. We unequivocally believe that war is not the… Read More

Veterans For Peace Condemns Yesterday’s Attempt by White Supremacists to Subvert the 2020 Election Results

https://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2021/01/07/veterans-peace-condemns-yesterdays-attempt-white-supremacist January 07, 2021 The violence that broke out on January 6th in the U.S. Capitol by people who seek to halt the certification of the 2020 election results was both unsurprising given U.S. history and was also… Read More

Veterans Condemn Deployment of Troops– Leaflet with Seattle contact info

Link to pdf below. Please distribute widely_ and safely! If possible get it to or read it out to military personnel deployed at protests! veterans vs deploy 6.2.20

Veterans Condemn Deployment of Troops

https://www.veteransforpeace.org/our-work/position-statements/veterans-condemn-deployment-troops Veterans For Peace condemns the inflammatory statements by Donald Trump. His declaration of calling for military troops on U.S. soil to quell people exercising their first amendment right is inflammatory and incredibly dangerous. We stand unequivocally with… Read More

See How the Government Plans to spend Your Tax Dollars…

Shareable/ Printable informational Leaflet: tax2021