Seattle Veterans For Peace Chapter Condemn Trump’s Proposed Military Budget Increase The Greater Seattle Chapter of Veterans For Peace condemns President Trump’s plan to increase military spending while cutting d
Judge Rejects Psychologists’ Motion to Dismiss Case Filed on Behalf of Three CIA Torture Victims
Reclaiming Armistice Day on November 11th Ringing 11 Bells For Peace
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is being unfairly punished in prison and faces possible indefinite solitary confinement ... for a tube of expired toothpaste?
From Hiroshima To HopeGather at Green Lake in Seattle for the annual lantern floating ceremony honoring victims of t
Help Ground Zero Welcome the Navy Ships1PM, Wednesday, Jul
Educate And Motivate With "United Bases Of America" Poster
  Sharpen Your VFP Image With All Season VFP Vests
War Resister Support Action Team  Our mission statement is:
Counter Recruiting Action Team VFP members continue their presence in Seattle area schools with presentations showing students informatio
Posted: 24 June 2015
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